1377147_10100828339528045_6591922_nLet food be thy medicine! Our bodies are our real homes and we only have one of them in this lifetime. Which is why health is so important to me and only putting the best quality fuel into my body. What is the point of our careers if we life without energy. Without vitality. Im working on a list of top quality supplements, health foods, snacks, and natural foods for your optimal performance.


Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – The bentley of fish oils. You can search far a wide, but you will not find anything better. It’s raw and fermented and blended with grass-fed butter oil. So many benefits for taking a good fish oil.

Sunwarrior Warriorblend Vanilla Protein Powder – This is my favorite plan based protein powder. It tastes amazing, it’s raw, and made from pea protein. The ingredients are solid and you can make killer banana pancakes with it.


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