A New Beginning…

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Dear Friend,

Well, I finally did it…

In everyone’s life there comes a time to reinvent ourselves.

For me that time is now, and like a old Nintendo, I’m pressing the reset button.

After blogging and running online businesses for 6 years, I feel I have developed this “identity”.

This image of this business guy who has it all put together. This image where I dictate what I want you to see about me, hiding my imperfections.

But, the truth is that I am just like you…

So today, I’ve decided to let that image go and make my personal blog a place to get a glimpse of the real me.

Here, you will find my perfectly imperfect thoughts on business, health, and life.

My goal for this blog is simple…

To step into my courage, show you the real me and talk about the topics I’ve been afraid to talk about in fear of being judged.

All so that there will be a representation of the real me that lives on while I am gone and just maybe it will inspire you do the same and design a life worth living without boundaries.

Articles will be posted at random as I feel inspired. So, subscribe to my newsletter to have my irregular posts delivered to your inbox.

Thanks for stopping by.

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