Gary Vaynerchuk Interview: “Stop Watching and Start Hustling”

Find your passion…check. Define your niche…check. Work your face off…check. Completely revolutionize the way this world looks at wine…if you are Gary Vaynerchuk, that is a big time check! Going from working in a liquor store earning $27,000 a year to building a $150 million wine empire with thousands of raving fans, I can comfortably say Gary is definitely “changing the wine world.” I recently had the chance to conduct a video interview with Gary, and truthfully, you have never met anyone like him.

The most fascinating part is that he is teaching entrepreneurs and companies to wake up to his all too simple business plan. His formula for success? Hustle, passion, patience and a whole lot of caring.

“I’m bringing it all the time. It’s just how I’m built. I’m Raw.”

The Hottest TV Show for Young Entrepreneurs

2009 10 11 1151 The Hottest TV Show for Young EntrepreneursLast week I was featured on The Rise To The Top, the hottest TV show for young entrepreneurs.  What an honor.  I was actually a huge fan before I came on the show and my friend David Garland (who I met in St. Louis for the first time on the Go-Giver Tour) does a tremendous job with it.  Check it out and leave a comment below letting me know if I kicked some ass!  Click here for the whole episode with Chris Brogan and Neil Patel, or click the picture below for my individual segment.

Sick of Making Mistakes 3 Times Over?

2774810465 146ebe82f4 Sick of Making Mistakes 3 Times Over?Entrepreneurship is a hard game to play by yourself.  Actually, there is no game by yourself.  Crack out your Monopoly board game, pick your favorite shiny piece and roll the dice.  See how much fun you will have playing by yourself. 

Business is a game just like Monopoly. You have to learn how to play from somewhere.  You usually learn from sitting on the sidelines a few rounds or having someone actually teach you play by play how the game works.

There are certain rules to the game.  If you just tried to jump in and play, you are bound to make mistakes.  These mistakes can be costly.  Maybe passing up on property because you think you can’t afford it.

When you have been in business for a while, there comes to a point in business where many of these mistakes are not fun anymore.  Especially when they could have been avoided with some simple advice.

10 Reasons Young Entrepreneurs Fail

turdles1 10 Reasons Young Entrepreneurs FailWe hear all too much about what you have to do to become successful.  I have discovered one proven way to become successful…Fail often.

How do I know this?  Well, we won’t get into that right now.  I have come to terms with distinct character traits that hold back young entrepreneurs and when repeated, will definitely keep you from succeeding in your business and life in general.

Lack of Punctuality

Being on time, every time, is a necessity in business.  If you cannot keep your word, you cannot be trusted.  Successful people will instantly make a judgment on your character through your punctuality.  Once you have a respect for your own time, you create posture and people will start to respect yours.  Purchase a day planner to organize you schedule and make a to-do list every night before bed.

Bob Burg Pulls Me On Stage To Talk Social Media!

I never miss a chance to hebob9a Bob Burg Pulls Me On Stage To Talk Social Media!ar the co-author of my favorite book The Go-Giver and the author of Endless Referrals, Bob Burg, speak.  He was recently speaking at an event in Chicago hosted by the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network (Christie Ruffino has done a knock-out job with this group).  He put on a tremendous talk on about networking and getting tons of referrals.

He came at me and Brian Tomkins with a sneak attack pulling us on stage in front of about 150 people to talk about social media and what kind of impact it could have for businesses. I fought it with little resistance icon wink Bob Burg Pulls Me On Stage To Talk Social Media!

25 Life Lessons In My First 25 Years

3690280529 9c5080da8f  25 Life Lessons In My First 25 YearsIt’s 10:18pm and I am 30,000 feet up in the air with Dave Matthews Band in my headphones.  My 25th birthday is 26 hours away (it is today-I wrote this on Friday) and I am heading down to hang out with my friend who is putting on an event called “Creating Your Millionaire Identity”.

I would have never thought in a million years I would be sitting where I am right now, let alone be still kickin’.  I really was an careless punk through my teens and early 20’s, really having no direction in life.  But, I am still here and I am happier than ever.

The most amazing breakthrough I have had in my first 25 years, has been the awareness realized of my position in life.  There have been several significant changes I have made carving out my new path.  I am writing this post more for myself to anchor what is important to me.

The Most Costly Mistake In Business: 5 Lessons In Punctuality

2444821123 1ddea9aeba1 300x220 The Most Costly Mistake In Business: 5 Lessons In Punctuality

You are driving to meet with a potential client for a noon appointment at Starbucks.  You get there and grab a moca frappa latte and claim one of the small tables while you wait upon their arrival.  11:50… 11:57… 12:01… 12:05… and still a no-show.  You decide to stick it out for a few minutes giving them the benefit of the doubt until it is 15-minutes after.  Finally, your guest comes rushing through the door saying, “I am sooooooooo sorry to keep you waiting.

Like you had anything better to do, right?  They come up with some lame excuse on why they were late.  You may hear, “My dog peed on my leg and I and to clean my pants.” Or something like, “My G.P.S. gave me the wrong directions.

5 Young Entrepreneurs Who Can Teach You Overnight Credibility

2818417291 662ae5d07a 237x300 5 Young Entrepreneurs Who Can Teach You Overnight CredibilityNot long ago, was I that young whippersnapper who thought he knew everything about business.  Always, I felt as if I would have to know everything or else people would not take me seriously or consider me weak.  Some may want to call it cocky.  Whatever you call it, that was me.  And it didn’t get me far. Actually, it got far enough to make me a lot of money and then caused me to go broke.

To all you know it all’s out there, stop reading and click here.  For those who feel that they everything to learn, I want to shatter the objection of having no credibility for every young entrepreneur, right now.  Time and time again, people ask me how to become an expert in something, without any business knowledge or experience, and gain the trust from their new audience.  How does one get past this road block?  The last thing we want to do is sound like an idiot talking about a topic that we don’t have a deep understanding about.

Cover Your ASSets: 3 Critical Health Insurance Mistakes Most Young Entrepreneurs Make

361586663 8e04f6a1ba 225x300 Cover Your ASSets: 3 Critical Health Insurance Mistakes Most Young Entrepreneurs MakeA Note From Bradley: I recently sat down with a friend and client of mine, Butch Zemar.  Butch owns an insurance agency and I asked him to share some of the biggest mistakes young business owners make when it comes to insurance.  That turned into asking him to write a guest post because I just happened to be making these mistakes!

Health insurance is not a sexy topic for most young entrepreneurs. Most jump into things too fast, just to get some in place and they are ready to move on. In order to protect everything you are working for you need to take a small amount of time to plan ahead. Spending a little more time on planning can prevent something drastic from happening to you and your business.

Oblivious to What They Bought