61 Things I Have Learned So Far This Year

3369136238 ee12264256 253x300 61 Things I Have Learned So Far This YearWhile feeling like I am moving at the speed of light, I wanted to slow down for a second and take some time today to reflect.  There are days these past few weeks where I have been working so hard at points that I feel delusional.  Maybe that is from the 18-19 hour work days (I will tell you why at the end of this post).  I have grown tremendously as a person and in business, yet sometimes feel like the guy to the right with all the mistakes I have made.  I have come to understand that my failures are part of the process so I wanted to share with you what I found.

So far, this year I have learned…

  • Eating a bunch of bananas in one day is too many bananas.
  • Spend a few extra minutes developing a well thought out plan.

Why Your Saturday Is Like My Tuesday

2009 07 26 2148 300x253 Why Your Saturday Is Like My TuesdayWe all know the routine well. We all are OR we all were young at one point. A hellacious work week leads to a weekend of “letting loose”.  It usually involves the excessive consumption of various cocktails, maybe a little dancing, some good music, sexy people and several more cocktails.  That was the routine for me practically every weekend from 17-22.  Don’t ask me how I got into the bar or why I was even drinking before I was 21.  Wait, you can just call it COLLEGE.  I was not as innocent as I look. icon wink Why Your Saturday Is Like My Tuesday  It was fun from what I can remember. I would not trade it for the world.  Would you?

My Social Media Bootcamp Presentation: Purpose Driven Social Media

3752630524 55c191bf89 199x300 My Social Media Bootcamp Presentation: Purpose Driven Social MediaThe photographer caught me showcasing my best “Thriller” moves in this action shot.  Lol.  Yesterday, I had the privilege to speak at the Social Media Bootcamp in Rockford, IL.  It is a two and a half day social media marathon for professionals and business owners.  In the morning, I kicked off the event with my presentation “Purpose Driven Social Media” and later in the afternoon, I gave a talk on “How to Build a Tremendous Blog and Why.”  I had a wonderful engaging audience that I was exceptionally grateful for.

There is a great lineup of speakers for this event including @PRSarahEvans, @LizStrauss, @WillEnglishIV, @InteractiveAmy, @AveryCohen, @PhilipNowak, @JenChicago, @JeffreyAStewart, my good buddy @Williger, and about 10 others.   I also have to give a big shout out to Ray Smith and Jen Parness for all the support.

Do Young Entrepreneurs Struggle with Group Collaboration?

The last poll conducted on my blog, asked young entrepreneurs “What is the biggest challenge in your business?”  After wrapping up and reviewing the results, I found some interesting data.

23% of readers saw their biggest challenge in business as finding like minded people to mastermind.  Similarly, 22% find themselves having trouble staying motivated. I will come back to this.

An almost equal percentage of people feel their biggest challenges are finding a mentor, battling negative influences, time management and finding their passion.

2009 07 23 0033 Do Young Entrepreneurs Struggle with Group Collaboration?

Survey respondents: 118

Now, I included masterminding in here because it is a big part of my business.  I am at an accelerated growth rate because of the people I surround myself with.  In relation, I stay motivated because the passion for what I do is strong, but more also from group collaboration.  I find it so inspiring to partner up with like minded people to help each other profit, grow and complement the others weaknesses.

How to Find Your Business “Sweet Spot” In 15 Minutes (or less)

2816789184 68c121ca1d 300x225 How to Find Your Business Sweet Spot In 15 Minutes (or less)For many, it is the ultimate dream to do what we love and what we are good at and get paid handsomely for it.  Does one have to search their whole life to achieve this result?  It may seem as if young professionals have to pay their dues, but that is not the case.

After reading the book Good to Great by Jim Collins, I gained ultimate clarity in my business and you can absolutely do the same.  Collins refers to something called the Hedgehog Concept, which is basically the intersection of our passion, talent and compensation.  I like to refer to this as our “sweet spot.”  When everything aligns in our businesses, we can feeling so much more productive and it is like we are batting 1.000 and hitting our sweet spot in everything we do.