The Battle of Resistance Was Won

People don’t remember how you start; they remember how you finish.

We all know that person in our lives who is a starter, but not a finisher.

Finishing is something I am committed to because I was that guy. The one who gets really excited about something and then that fire gradually fizzles out.

Not this time.

Today is my 26th day of writing every day.

I don’t remember a time where I’ve been this exhausted. Not from the writing…

The writing has me charged up and only takes about an hour per day.

It’s from pushing my body and mind to their limits. Testing my capacity. Recently, I found myself inspired to take on a few projects at once. Probably not the smartest thing, but I know I am completely capable.

Building out three courses simultaneously for my company, running a challenge and building a new coaching program.

One of the courses I’ve hired someone to make. Another person is in place to manage the production of the course. The other two I am producing myself.

There are times where I try to do too much myself. Like right now I am migrating my members area to a new system. I could easily and cost-effectively hire someone to do this. Why don’t I? Because I am stubborn. And so I can learn enough about the system to effectively manage it.

Some tasks I have a tough time letting go of as I feel I can do them faster and better than others. But, that mindset can only get you so far.

I’ve had big teams and had small teams. My business now is operating more focused and more efficiently than ever. We’ve got me, a full-time support person, and the rest are contractors.

With having big teams and small, I prefer to have the lean approach.

Moving my members area to this new system, eliminates the need to have a tech person on staff and also the worry of something going wrong.

Recently, I ended a contract of someone who was managing many of my backend systems. What I realized at that point that I had no idea what was going on with what he put in place. So, hiring someone to take over his work is a difficult task because there is not a lot of documentation.

So, I’ve spent a good amount of time learning the system so that I can properly manage it myself and outsource certain components of it.

Should I be outsourcing more of this? Yes.

I was laughing when my mentor told me about hiring an assistant. He said that he needed an assistant to hire the assistant. And another one to manage it all.

I’m much the same. Not the best manager in the world. But, having the awareness to know what we are good at and what drains us is important.

As soon as I find a certain task starting to drain the life out of me, I will find someone who loves to do that task and is great at it.

It’s a fun balance. Then entrepreneur in me wants to grow and go bigger. Usually, that comes with more responsibility and stress. So, for now, my goal is to stay as lean and efficient as possible.

With that said, I have a responsibility. To my customers and as a leader. That is to finish things.

Even when I don’t want to get them done. They can’t just get pushed to the side if I have committed to do them. Today I felt that physical exhaustion of wearing multiple hats.

I could have chosen to push this off until the morning. I fought the battle of resistance. I took a breath and pushed forward.

I fought the battle of resistance. I took a breath and pushed forward. I don’t have to do this. I GET to. It’s a privilege. It’s an honor. It’s moving me closer to my goals. It’s allowing me to grow and express myself as a man.

When my mind went to the reasons why I shouldn’t, I fought back and told myself why I should.


The battle of resistance was won.