Listening to Your Why

Today, a friend asked me how many hours I work per day.

This question makes me chuckle.

I wish there were a straightforward answer for this. Damn you 4-Hour Work Week for making people think I wake up at noon with messy hair and blog in my underwear all day.

Okay, yes I’ve done that.

But, I also get the other extreme. People closest to me, probably think I am a workaholic.

It’s true, I’m always working. Even when I am traveling. I had to schedule my Crossfit workouts at the end of my day so that I stop working and get out of the house.

So how many hours do I work a day?

My answer was “all of them.”

I eat, breathe, and sleep my work. My work is my art. A painter paints and an entrepreneur builds businesses. It’s my obsession.

He then followed up asking if I would work less if I had everything automated.

Surprisingly to most, the answer is no. The more automation I create in my business, it just frees me up to do higher level and higher leverage activities.

With all the money in the world, I would still be scheming.

But, let’s talk tangibles…

Usually, I put in a 6-8 hour day of actual work. Sometimes ten. Or, if I feel like it I will take the day off all together. Even when I take the day off, my mind is still creating.

Once, I was working on a tough problem for a client to get users on their platform, and I dreamed the solution. Rushing to my computer upon waking, I implemented the idea, and it ended up being a success.

So, technically I am working even working in my sleep.

Which is why I like things like meditation and Crossfit because they help calm my active mind.

Every day is not a cakewalk either. I have “bad moments” like everyone else. As soon as I notice my mind wandering into some negative thought or self-doubt, I just listen to my why.

Just think of this song every time you get a negative thought and replace “heart” with “why”.

(Then imagine me and my college buddies huddled around in the living room singing this in unisense)

My why is the destroyer of all things negative. All resistance.

Silently, I repeat to myself my bigger vision for my life. I’ll think about some of my smaller goals that I am working toward achieving.

Even writing this blog post.

It’s 11pm, and I just put in a 12 hour work day. The last thing I wanted to do was write…

But, I thought about how I strung together 20 straight days of writing. I thought about how many people I am helping with my programs. I thought about financial goals. I thought about the vacation I am going to take to Costa Rica.

Then as soon as I sat down to write, I entered a flow state again, and the magic happens.

Not enough people give themselves permission to think big. Probably because most people belittle us for having a big vision.

My vision for my life is so big, so audacious, so out there, that I hate telling people it because I know some people get the sense I am a little crazy.

But, you have to be, though.

Our goals are only possible if we learn how to fight resistance. We must stay in tune with what we want in our lives. The bigger, the better.

Then these little things become practice and preparation for our bigger game.

The kryptonite to resistance and negativity is our why.

Just listen to your why.