Our Ideas Don’t Have a Curfew

It’s 2am.

Scribbling as fast as possible, I just ran to the other room to grab my laptop.

I was struck in the middle of the night.

The culprit was an idea. At that moment, I had a choice. Jot down a quick note and go to bed to sleep on it, or I can strike back and make magic happen.

Ideas to me are inspiration. The true meaning of the word “inspire” as defined in the book Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words, means to breathe life into.

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Our ideas, our inspiration, our life, doesn’t have a curfew.

If inspiration advances on me in the middle of the night, I can’t silence it. I must let them breathe.

Whether that is carrying a notebook everywhere, using voice memos on my phone, or having a dry erase board in the shower.

Our ideas don’t clock in and clock out. They are not a 9-5 thing. We need to give ourselves permission to create freely.

Looking out the window, my light is the only light on in the neighborhood.

I dream of a time where everyone’s lights flicker in the middle of the night. Not with trips to the bathroom, but pounding away at keyboards or scratching furiously on notepads.

Sometimes our environment is not optimal to create.

Living alone, I have no idea if I am crazy or not. This is my normal.

Look at the people around you.

If the people around you would look at you with a tilted head if you got up to “work” at 3am, they can borrow your inner fire.

Think about that for a moment…

Being so excited and filled with life that you literally cannot sleep because of ideas bouncing in your head and burning in your heart.

What a glorius life.

If we put out that flame, others suffer. When we add logs to the fire, it ignites and brings up the people around us.

Ideas are not meant to be silenced.

I could be angry that my regular sleep schedule is messed up. Or that I might be dragged down tomorrow and tired.

But, what if tomorrow never comes?
What if the ideas never come tomorrow?
What if it is an off day?

Maybe we get 10x more done in inspired work than through uninspired work.

Which is why being prepared is so important. I woke up my doggie, and he just started scratching his ear.

Holy hell man!

I forgot to put his ear medicine in today…

I’m pissed at myself because, how could I be so selfish to forget this?

And now, by not being prepared and not doing the work, the little 100% avoidable things encroach on my vision.

An uninspired life is an unprepared life. It’s an unconscious life.

Sometimes it takes more than just writing down an idea in the middle of the night. Often I look at my notes in the morning or later on and I am like, “What the hell is this?”

Let them breathe like wine in a decanter.

You can never have too many ideas. Ideas are kindling.

What if someone told Elon muck to stop thinking so much? Or to not stay up late working on his ideas.

Write your f*cking heart out.

Go to war with your ideas. Let the ink spill onto the page like blood spilled on a battleground amongst men.

If I randomly meet the girl of my dreams in the middle of the night in my PJ’s, I sure as heck won’t let her just walk away. Nor will I walk away from my ideas.

If you are up late, and you notice your garbage needs to be taken out, take it out. If there is a dish left in the sink, wash it.

Since our ideas are life, the last thing we want is to chance something come between us and our inspiration.

Write until you are done. Write until your pen is out of ideas.

Don’t put a governor on your ideas.

Our ideas are life. We must not suffocate them. We must let them breathe.