A Lesson In Leadership: Little Boy Defends Woman From Catcalling Man

I’ve got to admit, I’m a little exhausted from the holiday.

Family, feasts, working and writing.

At times like these it seems like I’ve got no time for myself. No time to get things done. No time for the projects I want to work on.

But, it is in these moments when we must dig deep inside of us and examine why we are on the path we are on in the first place.

When our visions are wavering, they will mold and adapt to fit into the visions of others.

You have your own plan or your are part of someone else’s.

When we fail to plan, that is when it feels like we need to make trade-offs. Like having choose between time with family and our visions.

What if we can choose both?

It’s like having to decide between love and happiness…

Leaders choose all of the above and find a way to make it work.

Leaders also show up prepared knowing anytime can be their time to shine.

Leaders don’t have to pass on opportunities because they are not ready. They are always ready. They are always on.

Just the other day I was scrolling Facebook and BAM!

A picture of my friend Julia popped up in my newsfeed accompanied by an interesting story…


What stopped me in my tracks before reading the story, was that I noticed it had almost one million likes.

Not that counting likes is important, but what IS important is the platform they provide. This online platform we can build to reach people with our message.

Without spoiling the whole story for you, here’s the base of it…

Julia was jogging. Some man was catcalling her and saying some vulgar things. That was when a little boy with his mother saw this and stepped in and did something remarkable to save the day.

Here’s the link to the original to check it out yourself.

People caught wind of this story, and it immediately went viral.

Actor George Takei shared it on his Facebook page resulting in 50,000 likes alone.

But, think about this…

What if Julia was not ready?
What if she was afraid to share this story?
What if she was not present to the little boy?

Take a moment and think about all the parents who were inspired by the story and now think differently about how they raise their kids.

Think about all the men who were catcallers and the acts of a little boy made them realize that what they were doing is wrong.

This why vision is so important…

Our vision is what pushes us to be prepared. Our vision pushes us to be uncomfortable and share authentically with the world.

Julia’s inbox is probably flooded with opportunities to speak out about this experience.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is that you teach. It could be basketball, horseback riding, or cooking.

Too many people put out fluff. They play it safe.

Just be real with your message. Share from your heart.

The next time you don’t feel like it, ask yourself this…

“Am I being the leader I would want to follow?”

This is your moment. Let yourself shine.

Little James was exemplifying leadership.

He was taught well.

He was prepared to shine in that moment.