Life moves by so fast, so be relentless…

Life moves by so fast.

It’s the advice given to us by all of our elders.

All the stories you hear and books you read about deathbed moments…

Most come back to, “I wish I would have…”

We know it. We reflect upon it. We think we understand it.

But, do we live in the moment?

Being relentless in our wildest dreams.
Taking a chance to talk with that cute girl at the coffee shop.
Starting that is about the passion and not about the money.
Healing troubled relationships.

Rare are the cases where people say, “I experienced everything I wanted, and I am ready.”

I’m 31 now, and it’s still hard to believe. Getting older doesn’t scare me.

What does scare me is getting caught up in the “drift of life”.

Looking back another ten years from now saying, “I wish I did that when I was 30…”

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in working all the time.

My Mom said to me this week, “You are all work and no play.”

I said back to her, “I work so that I can play.”

But, that was even a cop out answer.

Our work should be play.

Or that line should be so thin that we can’t tell the difference.

Some people choose to the pursuit of wealth as their goal.

The older I get, the more I realize that wealth should be a byproduct of our work/play relationship, not a destination.

There is nothing wrong with us if our goal is not to become millionaires.

Just reflecting back on my past 31 years, the times I cherish most had little to do with money and everything to do with experiences.

Getting lost in Bali. Diving off cliffs in freezing water. Releasing sea turtles in Guatemala. Jumping out of a plane. Sitting under the stars with friends.

We don’t have time to spend doing things that don’t bring us joy. Life is too precious.

Work hard, but on only the things that bring you joy.
Be relentless in the pursuit of your passion.
Express yourself even in the face of fear.

A fulfilled you make the world a better place.