Are you really feeling this?

I have a terrible time writing about things I am not feeling in the moment.

Most of us have dozens of notepads full of incomplete ideas to be continued for a rainy day.

Today I pulled open my long list of ideas in Evernote and not one of these were ideas landing for me.

It was an off day.

Last night, my dog was not feeling well, and I got up comfort him in the middle of the night.

(He’s better today)

My sleep was affected and my day was thrown off. My creativity had taken a hit.

So when I tried to write earlier, nothing was flowing.

Most days in my life will have a theme. Something on my heart. Something that I am thinking about in the day sparked from a conversation, reading a book and online content.

That is why I am constantly consuming new information, as it gives me unlimited things to talk about.

When it comes to my writing, I’ll open up the notepad and just flow. Being totally in the moment and say what I am thinking about that theme.

Doing as few edits as possible.

If it’s not flowing, I’ll ask myself “Do I want to write about this right now?”

If I hesitate, the answer is a no, and I move to the next thought that pops into my head.

Keeping a strict calendar for writing topics does not work for me.

I cannot plan to write about something if I am not feeling it that at the moment. If it doesn’t excite me, then I choose not to do it. No getting frustrated.

My friend is a painter. Right now he is making me a custom painting.

Tonight I texted him and asked him about the progress. He’s been periodically sending pictures of the work and getting me excited.

He replied back and said, “I’m sitting on your piece to make sure it’s complete.”

Now I know nothing about painting, but I do understand creativity.

And I know good things can take time to finish. You cannot force something if you are not feeling it.

When he said this, it was music to my ears.

I know he’s pouring his heart into it and it’s something I am proud to hang in my home.

Sometimes we are inspired and just create effortlessly. It flows.

Staring at a blank canvas, sometimes we just need to let go of our plan and just start. Starting by taking the first stroke or typing the first word.

Trusting that it will come out okay. Trusting that we could always throw it away if we don’t want it.

The stuff that is raw and off the cuff tends to be the stuff that makes an a bigger impact.