This Is the Life That Chose Us…

People think we chose this life.

They are wrong. This life chose us.

Usually in our earliest memory.

We were selling lemonade. Drawing. Daydreaming. Wandering.

They call us the Entrepreneurs. The Creatives. The Artists. The Visionaries.

We like to build things. To innovate. To inspire.

No, actually it is our obsession.

And it cannot be turned off.

To you it appears we are workaholics. We’ll even agree with you because we feel bad.

But, in reality we could still go for a few more hours.

Truth is, it is not work. It is our calling. Our art.

Where time doesn’t exist.

Then once you figure out what we do, we’ve evolved to the next thing.

When we hit a wall, we go around it.

Failure is expected and just another opportunity for us to stand up.

Inspired by possibility.

Broken sleep schedules.

Late night scheming while others watch TV.

We enjoy conferences and networking.

Geeking out for hours at dinner with people like us.

Don’t ask us why we roll the dice, it’s in our gut.

Our intuition cannot be explained.

You may think that we don’t need you.

Off on an island. Head in the clouds.

We do.

We want people to believe in us. You add fuel to our fire.

But, don’t ever tell us we can’t.

We beat ourselves up more than you ever could.

You will be proven wrong or pushed out of our lives.

We’re just like you, but we cannot turn off this obsession.

There is no other way. There is no compromise.

A project ending signifies the start to another.

Creation is our life blood. Our oxygen.

When you take this away from us, we grow stagnant and die within.

This is what we do. It is who we are.

This is the life we were made for.

In all of its chaos; we’ll take it no other way.

Optimism is our gift and our curse.

We had to believe in ourselves when no one else did.

At times we are an emotional roller coaster.

With only one speed on the dial.

This is the life that chose us.

We’re in it until we die.

The question is really…

Are you down for the ride?