My return to the art.

“I know you,” he said.

My marketing consultant and I had been working together for several months.

He continued, “I know you, and I know you are not going to like doing this.”

Have you ever had a moment of a kick to the gut? Something someone says or something that happens that completely grounds you

These were the words that rocked me to the core. They were my wake up call.

He said this to me on October 22nd, right after I had pitched him my latest and greatest idea.

We had been in a bit of a dry spell in product creation for the past few months.

Searching for that next idea that would get us juiced.

Alternatively to my suggestion, he emphasized the need for our new coaching program we’d been planning.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it just didn’t feel right.

My idea was to do a 30-day blogging challenge. One post for a day for 30 days.

Helping people get back to creating. And I would not only lead it but also participate.

My consultant’s role was to keep the systems of the business running smoothly and keeping the company profitable.

This “idea” fell into neither of those categories.

My continued explanation of the details of the challenge was received with awkward pauses.

Like where you can just feel them cringing through the phone.

This conversation was the straw that broke the camels back for me. It was self-realization on who I had been the past few months. It was an identity crisis.

It wasn’t always this way. This blog, for example, started out of pure passion. As a way to express myself and share with the world what I had learned from my struggles. Things that they can use to live a more enriched life.

But, he hadn’t seen that side of me. He would see how overwhelmed I would get with the projects we had attempted in the past.

Being a guy who makes almost all decisions on my gut feeling, I had started questioning myself.

And that is a dangerous place to be.

I was disgusted and had to put an end to the madness.

Rolling the dice, I put my foot down and said we are going forward with this, and the train is moving if you want to jump on.

It wasn’t the idea he wasn’t on board with, it was who I was being.

People are going to give you advice in business, relationships, etc. But, that usually comes from their interpretation of the facts on hand based on their life experience AND based on who you are being in that very moment.

Going forward with this idea, I was scared..

It was going to be a ton of work on top of my already busy schedule. I had no idea how it would make money. I had never led or participated in a challenge before. I felt unqualified to lead this.

We all have every reason why we shouldn’t do things.

But underneath it all, it felt right. I could feel the charge return to my body. This was exactly what I needed.

I thought about the bigger picture. The ripple effect it can create.

And it was a decision where I would doing something in business because I wanted versus doing it because I have to do them.

If two people signed up, I was cool with that. 500? That would be great too.

It wasn’t about the numbers nor the money.

This was my return to the art.

We are all artists in a way. When we find the things that allow us to express creative freedom to a point where time just evaporates.

Yeah, we all want to make money from our passion, but how can an artist sell a shitty painting?

(unless he or she is an exceptional salesperson)

You have to do the work to refine your craft.

What I found happening with my customers is that the pressure builds and builds.

They got into blogging for the art but in this situation, worry overtook them about their themes, plugins, design, SEO, monetization, etc.

It’s like a painter spending weeks trying to find the best brushes and paint and completely overlooking the most important thing…

Painters paint.

That’s it. If you want to be a successful painter, you have to start by painting every day.

Music is your thing? Compose music every day. You don’t get better by doing this once per month.

So for me this challenge was not only a release of the pressure of doing things for the money, it was a return to the art.

A way to give back to what my customers, colleagues, and blogging have given to me.

Returning to where I started.

When we are filled with inspiration, we need not question it.

Sometimes, you need just to lead with your heart and trust things will work out the way they should.

Today is the first day of the challenge.

Thus far over 150 blog posts were written today.

This afternoon, I sat in my apartment almost in tears after reading the gratitude people we expressing towards me.

The gratitude they felt to finally find their voice and be free.

Everything about this is already worth it.

But, truly I have to thank THEM.

Because this is what inspires me. They put their trust in me to lead and this is what I love. This is what gets me juiced.

This is my return to the art.