Yeah, I’m being a total hypocrite and turning my comments off, but here’s why I am doing it…

It’s been a ghost town over here. No excuses.

My attention has been invested in my baby.

This pressure has been building inside to express myself again. Thoughts, feelings, challenges, wins, losses.

As time goes on, this self-induced pressure continues to build up as I have to make this “epic return” and the next blog post I write has to be something earth shifting.

What will I say? How do I explain myself?

The result is the goal is so big that I talk myself out of it because it’s not attainable. Instead of taking one step and publishing something, I CHOOSE not to publish anything.

Crazy, huh?

Another excuse I make is that my grammar is pretty shoddy. Now, imagine that … the guy who teaches blogging is horrible with grammar. A college educated man who somehow managed to pass every class, without comprehending what he was doing.

I did manage to have fun though (maybe I’ll save those stories for another time).

The only reason I didn’t ace creative writing was that my grammar sucked.

A few months ago while traveling Nicaragua, I sent a newsletter email out to my 80,000 email subscribers with an error in the subject line. The amount of hate email I received was astounding. Usually, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve learned to love rejection.

But, I realized something. How much I filter myself because of the fear of what people will say. I don’t want to do that anymore. Inside is this burning desire help people live a more fulfilled life.

Something that grammar that cannot stop. That judgment cannot stop.

I’ll work on the grammar thing (Grammarly is a life saver), but in the meantime I want to set myself up to win. Creating an environment over here for you to come to connect with me. To receive my unfiltered thoughts. To learn and grow using me as a test dummy.

For now, that means me shutting down comments on my blog. Might not be forever. But, detaching myself from counting my influence through comments, likes, shares, and feedback will allow me to become more transparent, be vulnerable, and share from the heart.

Because believe it or not, I REALLY enjoy this.

I’m writing you from a coffee shop in Chicago sipping a cold brew coffee. Outside is unbelievable fall weather. And I get to run a business that helps people grow and advance their missions online.

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy in the world when I look back on the journey to get here.

Back to the point…

I’ve seen other blogs shut down comments and I thought it was dumb. There is no way for me to express myself. They don’t want my feedback I would thing.

That is NOT the case at all. What you have to say IS important and I DO value your feedback. If you want to build a connection with me, you can always shoot me a personal email to bradley [at] I’ll read every one of them.

My plan is to get really raw and uncomfortable on this blog to share with you true experiences on what is like as a 30 something entrepreneur and the struggles I go through, but also to celebrate the wins I am having and share with you what is working for me.

Making it about the art and expression and not about the reaction.

If I can help any of you move just one step into the direction of realizing your dreams in life, this whole blog is worth it. This is necessary for me to give you my all.

If you are into that kind of stuff, come back often.

Appreciate you. 😉