Why Your Saturday Is Like My Tuesday

2009-07-26_2148We all know the routine well. We all are OR we all were young at one point. A hellacious work week leads to a weekend of “letting loose”.  It usually involves the excessive consumption of various cocktails, maybe a little dancing, some good music, sexy people and several more cocktails.  That was the routine for me practically every weekend from 17-22.  Don’t ask me how I got into the bar or why I was even drinking before I was 21.  Wait, you can just call it COLLEGE.  I was not as innocent as I look. 😉  It was fun from what I can remember. I would not trade it for the world.  Would you?

The times were fun and some friends come and go.   Many don’t know that my college habits stayed with me when I graduated and I was drinking quite heavily.  Things got pretty rough until, one day I decided that I didn’t like the direction my life and health were heading and left it all behind.   I still love to go out and we are going to have a blast when we do, but my idea of a good time does not include taking 12 shots of whiskey and ending up blacked out on the floor anymore.  Sometimes, I call myself a loser now because it’s rare to catch me out on a Saturday night these days.  To be honest with you, it is far less appealing.

Besides, I have not had a job for almost two and a half years now.  My life is just not the same anymore.  And I am sure the girls at the bar are not eager to engage in a conversation with me about blogging, search engine optimization and raw food.  Nor will I want to listen to someone complain about their job.  Let’s face it, many don’t find those as sexy topics.

One of the greatest hidden gifts about being an entrepreneur, is the fact that the days no longer have the same meaning. Sunday is still my day of rest, but everyday is practically the same to me now.  Saturday night is equivalent to a Tuesday afternoon.  There is really no difference.  Far are the days of being overly exited for the weekend because I want relief from my shitty job.   I actually prefer to go out now when everyone else can’t.  Want to play pool until the early Wednesday morning?  Perhaps head to the driving range and hit some balls in the afternoon?  I’m  down for whatever.

I am not bragging.  I really don’t care how you live your life.  I think it’s funny and sad that the majority of this country are like little drones following the same standardized routine for all of theirs’.  With the pressure of friends, it is sometimes hard to be that guy/girl who is singled out from the norm.  When you start changing, don’t expect your friends to change with you.  So at about 10pm, just when things are starting to heat up in the club, I decided to see who else was out there hustling away.  I Skype Me™!started a Tinychat, which is a really cool live video chat room, hit some of my friends up on Skype, and threw it out there to my network asking other entrepreneurs to join in.


It turned out to be a rock solid Late Night Young Entrepreneur Business Chat with some great laughs and powerful discussion (and not to mention, some new found friends).  Isn’t technology great?  We have decided to do it again next Friday or Saturday night for all you other “losers” out there.   Just come by my Tinychat room right around 10pm CST and we can have some fun.


All I want to say is that you really are not alone.  Your friends may crack jokes for you deciding to take a night off and work on your projects.  Please don’t get caught up in the feeling that since everyone is doing it, you have to go out every weekend.  The peer pressure will eventually fade and your happiness and bank account will continue to surpass theirs.  Just keep hustling away and very soon, if not already, you will be living your dream.

QUESTION: What is your favorite day of the week and why?