It Must Be Great Being You

2193394932_70e067a6b7It must be great being you. I can’t imagine how many people would just love to go from where they are at now to where you are presently standing. Just think about all those crazy experiences you have been through over the years. There are probably so many people that you can relate with, who I can’t even connect with. It is like you have walked similar paths’. And what about all those stories that you haven’t even told me about yet. 😉

There are so many people out there telling a generic watered down story trying to relate with everyone, but not you. Your tremendous potential lies in the way you tell your story. It is so unique. It is so authentic. You are like my favorite teacher in school who I always had a draw to. It was something about the way they taught that just captivated me. The way you embrace your past experiences and failures and turn them into a positive is so inspiring.

Not to mention your vision. Although not clear at times, it is so big at times that is my adrenaline is pumping just thinking about it. The excitement you must have every day must feel great. I think we are pretty fortunate to live in this time. Future generations will get to relive all of your experiences through digital technology. They will see how much of an impact you made. You probably are documenting everyday of your journey. There are so many people who will want to buy the book of your life. The things I would give just to have some of the life experiences that you have. Man…it must be great being you.

{photo by: piddaz}