What Can You Do Better Than Anyone in the Entire World?

3726775982_571287a25fThere is so much competition, right?  So why the heck would someone want to business with YOU?  The harsh reality is that no one cares what you have to offer.  People care that you care.  So again, why should someone do business with you?

You are not alone if you can’t answer this question.  It can be difficult pinpointing what truly makes our businesses unique.  I want to position you with a question that helped me get some clarity…

What can you or your company do better than anyone in the entire world?

Sound generic?  Well, not quite.  Right now you may be wearing multiple hats, and be wrestling with several niches or whatever you want to call it.  But, you will always be mediocre until you figure out what do you do better than everyone else.  Also think about what things will you never be the best at.  Those are some areas you can look at eliminating in your business.

This is where you can do some shameless self promotion and tell everyone in the world (or just my blog) what you are good at.  Again, the question of the day is “What can you or your company do better than anyone in the entire world?”  Share below.

To you undoubted success,

bradley will