What Can You Do Better Than Anyone in the Entire World?

3726775982_571287a25fThere is so much competition, right?  So why the heck would someone want to business with YOU?  The harsh reality is that no one cares what you have to offer.  People care that you care.  So again, why should someone do business with you?

You are not alone if you can’t answer this question.  It can be difficult pinpointing what truly makes our businesses unique.  I want to position you with a question that helped me get some clarity…

What can you or your company do better than anyone in the entire world?

Sound generic?  Well, not quite.  Right now you may be wearing multiple hats, and be wrestling with several niches or whatever you want to call it.  But, you will always be mediocre until you figure out what do you do better than everyone else.  Also think about what things will you never be the best at.  Those are some areas you can look at eliminating in your business.

This is where you can do some shameless self promotion and tell everyone in the world (or just my blog) what you are good at.  Again, the question of the day is “What can you or your company do better than anyone in the entire world?”  Share below.

To you undoubted success,

bradley will

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  • magnetsfast

    I can produce high quality magnets faster than anyone in the world. We're not talking about the cheap thin stuff either. On top of that, I truly enjoy & love helping people. My passion is working with companies that need help branding and promoting themselves and growing in their market. Personal relationships are my #1 priority. What are you best at?

    • Thanks for sharing Trey. I can back you up on this one after seeing your work first hand.

      I am the best in the world at telling stories to young entrepreneurs.


  • sianlindemann

    Create from Nothing !!!
    Great question Brad !!!
    Take good care !
    Sian Lindemann

  • menagagne

    I can CONNECT with people on a real level, especially teenage girls/young women. I dare to be real with them, and invite them to do the same. I SEE through to their hearts, give them a clearer understanding of who they really are and what their true value is. And I empower them by equipping them with tools to help them see/remember what makes them so awesome so they can shine! 🙂

  • I can sleep, eat and procrastinate like no other. Seriously. I work hard so I can do that. 😉

  • jimegregory

    Building a SOAP EMPIRE! And organizing a small group of committed minds towards leaving the world in just a little better shape than what we entered it in.

  • johnsonbrave

    Whats up Brad? Thats a great question and I am working on several projects as we speak and will figure out..What am I better at than anyone else in the world? Coming Soon…

    J. “Tiny” Brave

    • Hey Tiny!

      I would love to hear about your projects. You were one of the most entrepreneurial friends I had in college. Remember the finance class we had together? I asked you what your vision was. You mentions that high class transportation service.

      I know you are destined for big things Tiny….and that's not me trying to be funny lol. We definitely need to re-connect. Thanks for the comment brother. Call me anytime 630.777.9123


      • johnsonbrave


        I would love to tell you about what im working on and yeah i do remember the entrepreneurial endeavors of our college days. But i would definitely like to re-connect and chat it up a bit. I got your number man and we will talk.


  • taghreed

    I can have the best conversation with myself.

  • Rithban Kirda

    I can be me better than anybody else in the world.

  • Great question Bradley!

    It is my opinion that whatever I am doing, I am doing it better than anyone in the world. If that is not the case, then I am taking action and working toward that goal!

    The only issue I have with the question is this: The second you think you are the best, it can be easy to become complacent. I enjoy the journey to the top, and will ALWAYS be looking at ways to not only improve my business, but help others improve theirs as well!

    Thanks for keeping us thinking!


    • Rithban Kirda

      “The second you think you are the best, it can be easy to become complacent.”

      This will depend on the mindset of the individual.

      If a person acknowledges an excellent trait for the purpose of ego, then I would agree that one could easily say “I have arrived,” and then lapse into self-glorification and complacency.

      If personal excellence (aretē) is a part of you, you can with gratitude acknowledge the excellent trait, enjoy the moment, and look forward to a brighter future.

    • Thanks for the comment brother. The purpose of the question was not to think so highly of ones self. The challenge is many young entrepreneurs get lost in a sea of mediocrity. They focus on wearing too many hats or diving into too many things instead of doing what they have a natural talent for.

      The question is to stimulate the mind on what makes us unique, playing a game on a different level than everyone else. At the same time this question is meant to look at what we can never be “great” at and eliminate those things out of our business to focus on what we already are great at.

      I can understand your point of view. It may sound as if we are patting ourselves on the back here. I can assure you that this exercise helps gain clarity on uniqueness.

      Back to your answer. I know you are great at everything you do, but lets say you were trying to become a professional basketball player. You may put forth great effort, but God didn't make you 7 foot for a reason. Because you are going to change the world with your passion and intellect. I love the conversation.

      • BTW — I got this question from the book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

        • Your response is a HUGE reason I have so much respect for you my friend. You just have this amazing ability to inspire and make the people around you even better!

  • I've built the best community online for twenty-something bloggers in 20 Something Bloggers (http://www.20SB.net). Without question. It has made me the top enthusiast in the world for young bloggers, new bloggers, and personal blogging.

    • I am a huge fan of your community at 20SB. Thanks for sharing DShan!

  • I can criticise myself better than anyone in the world can 🙂 Great question to get people thinking.

  • I can see the forest *AND* the trees.

    Going back as far as I can remember, this is something I have always been able to do better than anyone else I’ve met. I can see the details, and the big picture. I can approach an issues with detachment and see it from all angles, even the ones with which I disagree. This has helped me to create systems without holes, or help people find the points at which they agree.

    Now that I am starting my own business, this is probably something that I need to convey to my potential clients. My business is not unique, but if I can incorporate that which is unique about me into how I build it, then it will be.

    EXCELLENT question – I never really thought about it in this light before.

  • pinto4378

    fantastic QS , but we sometimes even wonder how we van get up there by becoming good at something ,it might be that what we are good at may not matter much inorder to make it big and for this we will still have to try and become good in areas that we are still week.

    • Assumption #1: My unique combination of gifts doesn't count.
      Assumption #2: I have to be the magic where I'm weak.

      Both are false, though many of the message we get from “the world” would lead us to believe otherwise.

      We tend to discount the stuff that we're best at because it comes so naturally. We think that it's no big deal for others because it comes easy for us. It's human to do so. There are people out there who want to exchange for what you offer. They suck at it and don't want to do it themselves.

      Where we're weak… turn it around. Team up with those whose strengths compensate.

      Honing your passions and making them available can take time and patience.

  • I am a huge fan of your community at 20SB. Thanks for sharing DShan!

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