Congratulations! You Are a Self-Made Millionaire

2327567470_230710a79dI have heard the term “self-made millionaire” thrown around ever since I was a little kid.  I always thought it sounded so cool.  The dream of being able to say, “I accomplished all this success in my life all by myself when everyone doubted me,” felt quite powerful.  Many people on Twitter give themselves this title, which is what sparked this post.

Now that I have become more aware about success and business, I am disturbed by the term.  No one, I mean NO ONE is self-made.  I don’t care if everyone doubted you throughout your entire life and prayed for your downfall or if you were born with rags on your back.  They made you who you are.  Think about all the influence that molded us to who we are–the good and the bad.  My parents are not at all business minded, but they helped make me who I am.  And so did my friends and mentors, business partners and even all the authors of all the books I have read.

In fact, everyone helped make me.  Whether they know it or not, I couldn’t imagine being where I am at without all the amazing people in my life.  Even the few people that I don’t enjoy being in their presence, helped make me.  They set an example for who I never want to be like.

Give others credit.  It will take your further then always patting yourself on the back.  If I ever take the credit for all my success, someone please slap me in the face and give me a wake up call.

Maybe I should write a book on how to become a self-made success.  Wait, that would contribute to someone’s success!

Your thoughts?

[photo by: Esteban Hadji]