Lack of Discipline or Lack of Direction?

IRAQ PETRAEUSDo you ever feel like you have so much to do and you never get anything done?  Often people approach me diagnosing their challenge being a lack of discipline.  There are days in my life where I just want to go play in the park all day with my dog enjoying the summer sun!  But by getting into a deeper conversation with them, I usually find out that they have no idea where they are going.

For example, many people try to justify hours upon hours spent on Facebook and Twitter trying to generate more business.  Everyone would love to use social media marketing and relationship building for business to bring in more sales, but what does that get you?  What does the end result look like for you?  Let me ask you a more challenging question.  What would you do with your time if no one ever knew about it and you never receive payment for it?

If these questions are pretty tough to answer, it may not be discipline that is your issue.  More over a lack of clarity on the direction you are headed.  It is much easier to plan out your day when you know exactly how much your time is worth and when you can paint a clear picture of what life looks like for you, let’s say a year down the road.  When you have that picture clearly defined in your mind, along with having your goals written out, you can completely word backwards with the end in mind and plan every single hour of every single day.

Think about all the time you spend “working” during your day.  What if you could work half the time by being more efficient and spend an hour or two every morning doing the things that give you life?  Let me help you gain clarity.  Email me (brad at bradleywill dot com) with the subject “free 30-minute consultation,” and I will also give you advice on your social marketing strategy for your business.


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