Refollow: Arguably the Best Twitter Relationship Management Tool


A big concern for people when they first get into Twitter is the time management issue.  The way Twitter has been built allows for virtually any application to be created to enhance your experience.  If you are aggressively networking on Twitter trying to establish your presence, cleaning up non-active Tweeps is very important.  The numbers don’t mean jack.  What matters is how many of your followers actually listen and engage in your conversations.

Recently, I have came across a tool called Refollow, which is arguably the best and most comprehensive follow/relationship management tools out there. Refollow helps you discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle.  On the website, you can log it using your Twitter account and it will take you to a page when you can view and sort all of your friends and followers.


The Cliff Notes Version (Refollow allows you to…)

  • Manage Your Friends and Followers
  • Sort by Relationship
  • Discover Relevant Users
  • Mass Follow/Unfollow
  • Lock Relationships

Once you select the filter options you want, you can select the people you want and choose five different options.  You have the ability to select all of them at once as a time saver.  The great thing about this tool is you can eliminate people who have not updated in a while or who don’t follow you back.


This video will get you more familiar with the platform: