What Inspires You? Do *THAT* Every Morning…

2847067166_7bcf78156cWhat is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?  No, really…take a second to reflect what you do in the mornings from when you wake until noon.  Is it a vicious cycle of checking email, feeding your Facebook addiction and Tweeting?  You say, “alright I have so much to do today, and it is going to be a productive day.”  Then four and a half hours later you look at the clock on your computer and see you indulged in a half day of “social networking” and severe anxiousness sets in. Another day wasted, but tomorrow’s another day, right?

You know you need to pay the bills, yet you don’t know what to do.  Let’s look at the math.  How many hours of actual work time do you get in a day?  Don’t fool yourself.  Let’s say it is 2 hours, but you spend 10 hours a day “working.”  Why aren’t you spending 8 hours doing s#!* you love?  Seriously, go play the guitar or something. Add guitar playing into your day for 2 hours.  That leaves you with 6 hours of unaccounted for time.  Once you learn to prioritize and be more productive, you can pack your day.  If you are already doing this, your high five is coming on the back end.  If not, I’d rather see you enjoy your life then waste it away in front of a computer.

There are so many people doing things they hate.  I think there is a lot more not doing the things they love.  So what can you do to bring more balance to your life?  Everyday, before your even hop on the computer, I want you to have YOU time.  When you spend the first part of your day on you everyday, your days have more meaning, are more fulfilled and you feel more productive and by the time you start working, you have already accomplished a few great things.  Here is how I recommend you start your day:

Feed your body – Exercise and put good wholesome organic foods in your body.  If you start out with “dead food” like a McDonald’s breakfast platter, it will slow you down through out your day.  I know it tastes good, but you are what you eat.

What I do: I like to run, and consume either juice or a smoothie made of all raw organic fruits and vegetables.

Feed your mind – Put positive content into you mind every morning.  Read or listen to something relevant of what you need to improve on.  Listening to who slept with Britney on the radio may be funny and disgusting, but utterly has no use other than gossip value.

What I do: I am always reading multiple books.  I get recommendations from my mentors and read for an hour every morning.

Feed your soul – Do the one thing that absolutely gives you joy.  It is the thing you would do if you never got paid for it.  I can guarantee it is not the death tube, or sometimes referred to as television.  Find something that inspires you and puts a smile on your face.

What I do: I love playing with my dog and writing.  I bring my pup to the park, play fetch and also bring my journal to summarize my thoughts.

You will have that gut feeling when you are feeling out of balance.  Refer back to these three things to find the happiness in your life.