50 Leaders Who All Young Entrepreneurs MUST Follow on Twitter

twitterbird-1With the emergence of social media, the rate in which relationships, businesses and brands are developing has accelerated greatly. The majority of people in this tough economy will be blinded by negative news, while a select few will understand the potential, capitalize and create opportunity.  Now is the time where we will see more entrepreneurs create successful businesses than ever before.

Through networking on Twitter, I have been fortunate enough to meet many brilliant individuals who ARE taking on their lives as we speak.  Originating from my personal inspiration, as well as from surveying many of my followers and friends on Twitter, I have compiled a list of people that are MUST-follows for any young entrepreneur.  This group of 50 offers great VALUE in the areas of personal branding, coaching, social media, blogging and entrepreneurship.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this list.  If any information is incorrect, shoot me a quick email and I will make the proper changes and if you feel I missed you, leave a comment below.  Please follow me (@bradleywill) on Twitter for your daily dose of empowerment for young entrepreneurs and social media strategy.  Cheers!

1. Adam Toren@thebizguy
–Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com.

2. AJ Vaynerchuk@Ajv
–Young Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of PleaseDressMe and VaynerMedia.

3. Amanda Hite@sexythinker
–CEO of Talent Revolution: The Leading Talent Acquisition Network.

4. Andrew Warner@AndrewWarner
–Founder of Mixergy: Where Ambitious People Meet Successful Entrepreneurs.

5. Aronado Placencia@Aronado
–Founder of Startup Lucky: Connects Startups with Investors Around the Globe.

6. Ben Lang@entrepreneurpro
–15  y/o  EBay Business Owner & Young Entrepreneur.

7. Brendan Wenzel@BrendanWenzel
–Young Entrepreneur & Twitter Designer.

8. Chris Perry @CareerRocketeer
–Founder of Career Rocketeer, Gen-Y Brand/Marketing Expert.

9. Chris Pund@ChrisPund
–Founder of DormRoomBiz: Helping College Entrepreneurs Start Businesses.

10. Club E Network@clubenetwork
–Club E Network is an Online & Offline Tribe of Entrepreneurs.

11. College Mogul@College_Mogul
–College Mogul Assists College Entrepreneurs Launch Successful Businesses.

12. Dan Schawbel@DanSchawbel
–Author of “Me 2.0” & Leading Personal Branding Expert for Gen-Y.

13. Danielle Herb@DanielleHerb
–15 y/o Entrepreneur, Speaker & Horsemanship Coach for Kids w/ ADHD.

14. David Garland@TheRiseToTheTop
–TV Show Host who Entertains, Empowers, & Energizes Entrepreneurs.

15. David King @davidbeking
–19 y/o Blogger and Internet Marketing Expert

16. David Wilkinson @SuperAffiliate
–15 y/o Prodigy Affiliate & Internet Marketer.

17. Derek Johnson@tatango
–24 y/o College Dropout & CEO of Internet Startup Tatango.com.

18. Ephren Taylor@ephrentaylor
–Social Capitalist & Youngest African-American CEO of Publicly Traded Company.

19. EYE Club@eyeclub
–EYE Club Educates & Assists Young Entrepreneurs to Launch Businesses.

20. Felicia Slattery@FeliciaSlattery
–Communications & Public Speaking Coach.

21. Gabe Strom@GabeStrom
–Social Media Evangelist & Internet TV Host of #SocialMediaTV.

22. Gary Vaynerchuk@Garyvee
–CEO of WineLibraryTV & the Leading Voice in Social Media.

23. Gilbert Melott@Nextvoice247
–Develops the Voices & Talent of Emerging Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs.

24. Glen Allsopp@PluginID
–20 y/o Personal Development Blogger and Founder of PluginID.com.

25. Ingrid Vanderveldt@ontheroadwithiv
–Traveling TV Show Host who Interviews Successful Entrepreneurs.

26. Jacob Cass@justcreative
–21 y/o Design/Creativity Blogger, Graphic Designer & Web Designer.

27. James Wedmore@JamesWedmore
–1/5 of Reality Mastermind: Showcasing the Internet Marketing Lifestyle.

28. Jared O’Toole@JaredOToole
–Co-Founder of Factor77 who Inspires People to “stop doing sh*t they hate.”

29. Jason O’Neill@pencilbugs
–13 y/o Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Role Model.

30. Jennifer Kushell@ysnjen
–President & Co-Founder YSN.com, Author of “Secrets of the Young & Successful.”

31. Jon West @theJonWest
–Young eCommerce Entrepreneur & CEO of 3tailer.

32. Jun Loayza@JunLoayza
–Blogger Educating Startup Entrepreneurs & Founder of Viralogy.

33. Justin Nowak@YoungGoGetter
–Founder of YoungGoGetter: A Playground for Entrepreneurs Young At Heart.

34. Logan Kugler@LoganKugler
–19 y/o Entrepreneur & Internationally Published Freelance Writer.

35. Lyn Graft@LynGraft
–TV  Producer & Young Entrepreneur Advocate, Filmed Over 300 Entrepreneurs.

36. Matt Wilson@MattWilsonTV
–Co-Founder of Factor77 & HAEO  Encouraging People to Follow Their Passion.

37. Matthew Sapaula@MatthewSapaula
–Financial/Media Expert & MoneySmartRadio Host.

38. Melik Yuksel@GotMelik
–14 y/o Blogger, Web/Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur.

39. Michael Dunlop@MichaelDunlop
–20 y/o Founder of [email protected], Teaches Young Entrepreneurs to Make Money Online.

40. Michael Montgomery@MikeMonty
–Young Entrepreneur Bringing Yo-Yoing to Life.

41. Mike Michalowicz@TPEntrepreneur
–Author of “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

42. Oliver Turner@Oliver_Turner
–23 y/o Entrepreneur & Outsourcing Expert.

43. Penelope Trunk @BrazenCareerist
–Founder of Brazen Careerist: Leading Generation-Y Career Community.

44. Ramit Sethi@Ramit
–Young Personal Finance Blogger & Author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.”

45. Ryan Angelo @RyanAngelo
–Professional Speaker, Teaching Entrepreneurs to Go From “stressed to success.”

46. Ryan Stephens@RyanStephens
–Young Entrepreneur & Social Media/Relationship Marketing Blogger.

47. Sarah Prout@Sarahprout
–Author & Social Media /Publishing Expert for Online Entrepreneurs.

48. Scott Stratten  | @Unmarketing
–Successful Viral Marketer, Teaching People to “stop marketing and start engaging.”

49. Shonika Proctor@teenbizcoach
–Teen CEO Coach, Teaching Teen Entrepreneurs to “manifest their raw talent.”

50. Stanley Tang@StanleyTang
–16 y/o Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author of eMillions.
Want to follow the whole list? Do it quickly and easily with Ninjafollow.com.

@CareerRocketeer introduced me to this great tool that will follow a group of under 100 Tweeps.  Just copy the list below and paste in into the proper field on NinjaFollow.

Ajv, AndrewWarner, Aronado, BrazenCareerist, BrendanWenzel, CareerRocketeer, ChrisPund, clubenetwork, College_Mogul, DanielleHerb, DanSchwabel, davidbeking, entrepreneurpro, ephrentaylor, eyeclub, FeliciaSlattery, GabeStrom, Garyvee, GotMelik, JamesWedmore, JaredOToole, JunLoayza, justcreative, LoganKugler, LynGraft, MatthewSapaula, MattWilsonTV, MichaelDunlop, MikeMonty, Nextvoice247, Oliver_Turner, ontheroadwithiv, pencilbugs, PluginID, Ramit, RyanAngelo, RyanStephens, Saraprout, sexythinker, StanleyTang, SuperAffiliate, tatango, teenbizcoach, thebizguy, theJonWest, TheRiseToTheTop, TPEntrepreneur, Unmarketing, YoungGoGetter, ysnjen

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  • Bradley,

    Thanks you for including myself and The Rise To The Top on the list. Very flattering and a FANTASTIC list!!!

  • WoW! Thanks so much for the mention. Awesome list here, I'll be sure and go follow everyone. The truth is, we are much stronger when we work together and help each other out.

    Let me know how I can help you!

    • Hey Aronado-

      You are absolutely right. When we see others as partners and not competition, we will all have successful businessines and infulence generations to come. Thanks for the comment!

  • Bradley!

    This is a great list! Thank you so much! I am so honored that you featured my efforts in the world of career search and personal branding with the launch of Career Rocketeer!

    I have some ideas for working together. I will email you or DM you on Twitter!

    Chris Perry

    • Hey Chris.

      Thank you-You are doing inspiring things for helping young career seekers. Just got your email. About to read it now.


  • Bradley,

    Just to echo the sentiments of the other commenters so far, thanks so much for including me on such an esteemed list of my colleagues and peers. I'm truly humbled, and can't wait to connect with a couple of people listed here who I'm not already familiar with.

    Also, for any young entrepreneurial minded people reading this. I would LOVE the opportunity to connect with you and have a dialogue about entrepreneurship, relationship marketing, and the way social tools are transforming the way we communicate and collaborate with each other in this space!

    Thanks again Bradley. What a great value-add to your community!


    • Ryan,

      Thanks for the comment. I look forward to connect with you as well!


  • Awesome list Brad! So many young people doing awesome things.

    • Thanks G-Ro!

      I appreciate your comment. Keep inspiring my friend.


  • Wow great list of people here that I've added… surprised to see so many of them very young. Thanks for making this!

    Follow Me: (Founder of Razviti – A Small Creative Studio)

    • Hey Razvit,

      Thanks for stopping by. Like them you deserve to be on this list!


  • Hey David. I LOVE your show! We deserve to connect. Any progress on the “tour?”

    • Bradley-

      Absolutely! We are planning Season #2 now and securing sponsorships. We will definitely be hitting the road and I will keep you posted. Expansion is on its way 🙂

  • Bradley – Thanks for putting together such a great list of entrepreneurial thought leaders. I'm looking forward to learning from all of them.

  • Bradley,

    Thanks for the shout out! And congratulations to all who made this list. I am very honored to be a part of this distinguished group of pioneers and creative thought leaders.

    May everyone continue to dream big and do bigger!


    • Hey Shonika.

      Many people have said GREAT things about you. It is great to see other people so dedicated to impact young entrepreneurs.

      Cheers to your success!

      Bradley Will

  • Brad:

    You have provided an awesome list here. Thanks for that.

    Along with any list, I always like to know few things. For your list, I would like to know more too. It would have been the best list ever, if you had compiled following details as well:

    – How you have made this list? What are your criteria for adding someone into the list? I am sure there must be more than 50 entrepreneurs we MUST follow on Twitter, I would like to know how an entry has been made to your list?

    – I would have loved to see their blogs URL along with Twitter. Most of the time, ppl do not most interesting information on Twitter or reply to their friends whom I might not interested. If there's a blog URL, it's easier to read about them, their ideas and what they do. Also, if I want to know about any entrepreneurs, I would like to know about them in more than 140 characters.

    – Instead of just one short line, I would have loved to see more details about entrepreneurs. Most importantly, I would have enjoyed to know more about them, what they do and what kinda entrepreneurs quality they have. I may not want to follow each of them from this list as some of them may not align with my interests. It does not make sense to me to follow everyone on Twitter without having an idea what they do and what you will get from them.

    Again, thanks for putting your efforts and making this list available to all of us.


    • Hey thanks for the great comment and criticism Pritesh.

      How I made the list…Three things. I polled my followers on Twitter. I looked at my connections in my network of people that inspire me. And I selected people by the content they put out through Twitter and judged if they were making an impact on young entrepreneurs. (I can definitely add this into the post)

      In terms of the depth, of content…you can access many of the websites through the twitter pages and really get to understand what someone is about based on the context of posts that they make.

      This post was intended to influence networking. Everyone will have their own spin on who should be included in the list. I will let people make their own judgments as this is solely a matter of mine.

      Thant you so much for this great comment! Very helpful for future posts.


      Bradley Will

  • Pretty stoked to be included on this list, thank you very much!

    • Thanks for the comment Justin.

      Keep inspiring!

      Bradley Will

  • Josie

    Next time you publish this list make sure I am not, I am a young market entrepreneur from South Africa – Shaking and baking!!!!!! @josiestewart

    • Hey Josie,

      Thanks for stopping by. So tell us what kind of things are you shaking and baking on?

      Bradley Will

  • Bradley, great to be up here on this list. Anything I can do to create value for my network, I'll do.

    Hope to tweet with the rest of these people soon!

    • You deserve every mention of it Matt. From the looks of things, very excited for where you are headed.

      Bradley Will

  • Thanks for the mention

  • spryka

    Twitter is like a breath of fresh air on the Social Media scene. I have been on it for just a few weeks now and I have met several interesting people. It is a platform to network with people you would like to meet in real life.


    • Hey KZ,

      I just had a conversation about this today. Twitter is like going out to the bar to meet tons of new people. 140 characters lets you into someones world quickly. I have meet most of all my current business relationships through Twitter.

      It's great to hear your feedback about the success you are having as well.

      Cheers and thanks for the comment!

      Bradley Will

  • Hey Bradley – Thanks for posting all of these amazing tweeters!

    I'm already looking forward to following all of them!

    Thanks again!

  • Hey Bradley – Thanks for posting this incredible list of great tweeters!

    I'm already looking forward to following everyone.

    Thanks again,

    • Hey Thanks for coming by John.

      Just followed you on Twitter.

      Bradley Will

  • Juniper Wilcox

    You missed Najeeullah Khan @bloggerkhan . Author of Long John Twitter and CEO of interloper.com, interlopergolf.com and blogsense.ws

    • Hey Juniper,

      Thanks for the insight, I'll look him up!

      Bradley Will

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  • ecjake


    Great post! What is amazing about social media is a brand new baby tweeter can learn sooo fast if they get connected to the right people and the right content. Thank you for sharing and great to see you on socialmedia.tv

    • Thank you for the comment. What a surprise on SMTV today huh? I just went to hang out in the “tree house” and the boys put me on the spot. Thanks for tuning in and stopping by.

      Bradley Will

      • ecjake

        you lived up to the billing and your content is ready for the exposure…great work

  • Some amazing people to connect with on this list!

    Awesome job Bradley, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the comment Harrison. I am glad it can be a valuable resource for you. Happy connecting brotha!

      Bradley Will

  • Thanks Bradley for the shout out!

    • Your welcome Ephren. I hope you know your actions inspire many. The youth deserves to have leaders like you!

      Bradley Will

  • Awesome share – and what an inspiration!

    My sons are building their businesses and this list is going to encourage them even more to 'go for it!'

    Here's to following your ideas and dreams – they DO come true when you take the time to take the first step and then be bold enough to keep walking.

    • Thanks for the insight! It's is great to see you encouraging your sons to build businesses and not fall into a “more secure” roll. Please let us know about their business ventures. Thanks for the comment.

      Bradley Will

  • Brad,

    Great stuff here! Many of my friends are on this list so I am glad to see you have a good eye in quality people 🙂 Keep killing it my man!

    • Hey Lewis.

      Awesome, you have some great people that you associate with. The LinkedIn Guru!! Thanks for coming by and the comment.


  • Great list!

    • Thanks Joe!

      Looking forward to connecting with you.

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  • Thanks for this great list of leaders to inspire young entrepreneurs. I am going to pass it on to a bunch of young entreprenur Tweeple.

    • Glad it could be of value Mark. Please spread the word!


  • Fantastic list! An incredible group of people here with a lot to offer. Thanks for putting this together!

    – Anthony

    • Thanks Anthony,

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. You are delivering some great content on your blog.


  • I already follow most of them, thanks for the list

    i hope i make into your next list 🙂

    very nice post indeed, good job

    • Thank you Sameer. What is your business and twitter handle?

  • Great list! My goal is to make one of your lists one day 🙂

  • whoschrishughes

    Great idea Bradley! I look forward to getting to know you better and am definitely going to connect with these fellow Young Entrepreneur's.

    Keep up the great work,
    Chris Hughes

  • This is an amazing list! Thanks so much for putting this together. I've followed everyone on this list through Impact Entrepreneurship Group (@impactblog) which should definitely be on your radar as well! We are a non-profit student run organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship and leadership amongst youth in Canada. We run a series of programs throughout the year including a national conference, a leadership summit, microcredit competition and most recently we're starting a Ventures program in the Fall!

    Check us out at http://www.impact.org.


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  • Thanks so much for including me, Im also flattered!

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  • The list appears to be a gold-mine of possible joint ventures and future business start-ups with others of similar goals and different skills. I’m working through the list slowly and looking forward to connecting with all of you; if I can be of assistance with anything, don’t hesitate to look me up! http://www.businessmantra.net

  • The list appears to be a gold-mine of possible joint ventures and future business start-ups with others of similar goals and different skills. I’m working through the list slowly and looking forward to connecting with all of you; if I can be of assistance with anything, don’t hesitate to look me up! http://www.businessmantra.net

  • Great list, follow me @hkashy:twitter !